Other Products

We care for your success, and hope to support you along the way.

That is why, other than our main services, VMS Flat Rate also provides a series of products that could aid you in your business growth process.

Other Products

Loan Plan for growing your businesses

Cash Advance

If you’re thinking of repairing/expanding your business but tough on cash, we got you covered.

Our Cash Advance service can offer you a loan of up to $250.000 with a 97% approval rate for applications.

It’s safe, secure, and simple with no tax return or P/L needed to qualify.

Upgrade your traditional terminal with specialized features for a variety of business models.

POS Systems

POS (Point-Of-Sale) is the place where your customers make payments for products or services at your store.

VMS Flat Rate offers POS System service to add-on features that caters to your needs and could help you make a sell easier.

We encourage cash payments, get rid of transaction fees.

Cash Discount Program

VMS Flat Rate welcomes your choice of any payment method, but just like our Flat Rate Plan, we believe in our no extra fees policy.

Our Cash Discount Program encourages merchants to pay in cash so you can forget about the hassle of transaction fees.

What Our Merchants Say