Why do you need a Nail Salon POS system?


To successfully compete in business, a nail salon must have the best nail salon POS system that fits its business.

In order to successfully compete in business, a nail salon must have the best nail salon POS system that fits their business. It is widely known that competition is strong, and prospective clients have a plethora of salons to select from. Customers want their transactions to be completed promptly and efficiently.

For this VMS’s in-depth guide, let’s go over the advantages of implementing a POS system in your nail salon.

Why do you need a Nail Salon POS system?

Operating a manicure salon requires the ability to multitask and attend to many clients at the same time. Employee performance is a major consideration that may make or break your nail shop. Many tasks are automated and simplified with the proper POS system.

You should be able to operate your business smoothly with the help of a reliable nail salon POS system. Employee scheduling, automatic reminders, and built-in loyalty programs are all required.

The majority of POS systems should provide a calendar view with color-coded, drag-and-drop appointment booking, making rescheduling a breeze.

Furthermore, your system should make secure transactions, business data, and client history available to you at all times. A POS system will help you increase rebooking, decrease no-shows, and calculate payroll and employee commissions.


VMS’ Best Choices for Nail Salon POS

  1. Clover Mini POS

The Mini is not your typical salon point-of-sale system. It accepts Apple Pay and other sophisticated payment interfaces, eschewing conventional payments.

Clover Mini is always offered with a merchant account. Clover Mini is now available for purchase through thousands of major US banks, including Wells Fargo and Citibank, as well as small business providers. Location affects credit card processing rates and swipe costs. A flat processing fee may be charged by certain merchant account providers.

  1. Clover Station POS

There is no other nail POS system on the market with its own app store. Its applications include marketing tools such as Digital Word of Mouth and inventory management apps such as stockIt for managing vendor orders.

Clover can assist you with any area of your company. Salon Scheduler, a salon-specific program, enables you to plan service hours, weekly appointments, SMS reminders to customers, staff commission percentages, and more.

  1. Nail Salon Operating Mini POS System

Nail Salon Operating Mini POS system was designed especially for nail salons and spas. It is a fully integrated POS system that can handle any challenge.

Appointment booking, cash register functions, product retail sale, tip recording and payout, customer group service, commission pay, nail tech sign-in and sign-out, service reports, service turn setting, email client marketing function, in store gift and loyalty program, and much more are all available.

  1. Nail Salon Operating POS System

This Nail Salon Operating POS system, an upgrade from the Mini system, has all of the aforementioned capabilities as well as many more, including a built-in printer. It also offers managerial skills to assist nail salon owners and managers in reducing losses, maintaining high customer satisfaction, increasing profitability, and staying ahead of competitors.

The POS system is intended to be incorporated into touch screen devices for fast and simple operation. Learning the ropes of the user-friendly, but sophisticated nail salon management software takes no more than 20 minutes. You also don’t require sophisticated computer abilities.


With so many great choices for your new nail salon POS system, making a final decision may be tough. So, let’s go through our ultimate decision once again.

For a variety of reasons, you need one with a plethora of great features that are also easy to use. Second, evaluate if it is best suited for your firm, especially if you are just starting out and/or have a restricted budget.

Check out the features we’ve included for more information about the products. Do you still have questions? Give us a ring and we’ll talk until you have a good understanding when investing in your company.

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