VMS Flatrate

Who We Are?

VMS strives to assist our clients to increase and improve their businesses with cutting-edge products that generates more profit, prevents attrition, and differentiates ourselves from our competitors.

Ms. Kelly Duong

Ms. Kelly Duong

Chief Marketing Officer

What We Do?

VMS helps merchants process credit cards of all types while ensuring fast connection and response for our customers. We make our goal to implement the most aggressive pricing structure available.

Many years of experience, thousands of satisfied customers, and unbeatable rates explain why VMS is the perfect company for modern, progressive, and cost-conscious merchants.

Our Promises

  • We will offer you the best and latest technology.

Clover POS equipment, Poynt terminals, WiFi connectivity and touch screen POS equipment are some of the latest products we have brought to market.

  • Costs effective processing.   

We offer competitive pricing and pricing plans. From flat rate processing to cost plus pricing we help you determine the best option for your business.


  • Comprehensive card processing. 

All card types and debit cards are available to you to offer every channel to your customers.

  • Customer Service.

Our Vietnamese speaking customer representatives we can help you with your problems. At VMS we know our merchants and take pride in their success. At the heart of our business is a knowledgeable team with experience and training in the credit card industry. VMS employees are dedicated to providing superior customer service for our merchants.

Our Core Value

We believe in small businesses because they are the crucial factor that drives our economy at all levels.

VMS is different from other merchant processing companies because we are Vietnamese. Our service representatives, our marketing team, all are first generation Vietnamese, fluent in your language. Our core value is to protect and assist the Vietnamese merchant with honesty, responsibility and sincerity.