What We Do?

We process credit card transactions for Vietnamese owned businesses.

What we do differently:

  • We process your credit card sales at a FLAT RATE
  • NO transaction fees
  • NO interchange fees
  • NO batch fees
  • NO reward card fees
  • NO surcharge fees
  • NO contracts

What this means to you :

  • Save money
  • Understand exactly what you are paying for
  • NO surprise billings
  • NO hidden fees
  • NO rate increases

Who We Are?

We are Vietnamese. We speak, write and communicate in Vietnamese and English.

We assist Vietnamese-owned businesses in processing credit cards at the lowest rate possible, with easy set up and 24/7 customer support. We care about your success.

Other Products You May Like

Cash Advance

VMS Flat Rate offers a unique cash advance service that provides consumers with access to instant cash in a matter of minutes.

POS Systems

Our Point of Sale System makes running a nail salon easier than ever. The VMS allows you to create and print receipts for each individual service.

Cash Discount Program

Cash Discount Program encourages merchants to pay in cash so you can forget about the hassle of transaction fees.

On Focus

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Flat Rate Merchant Services

What Our Merchants Say

Nothing Hidden

No Surprises

Speak Vietnamese? 
We do too!
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  • FREE Terminal
  • NO contracts
  • NO batch fees
  • NO surprises
  • NO transaction fees
  • NO rate increases
  • NO reward card fees
  • NO surcharge fees
  • NO interchange fees

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